Tsum Valley Trek (The Valley of Himalayan Pilgrims)

Tsum Valley Trek is an offbeat trekking in the foothill of Manaslu& Ganesh Himal that caters the unexplored landscapes and authentic Tibetan culture in the monasteries dotted in remote highland villages.
The word “Tsum” is derived from the word “Tsombo” means vibrant and stunning in Tibetan language. The magnificent hidden valley of Tsum is located in between the massif peaks of Boudha-HimalChuli and Ganesh Himal in the close environs of the world’s eighth highest peak Mt. Manaslu. Also known as “The Valley of Himalayan Pilgrimage”, Tsum Valley is situated in northern Gorkha district of Nepal and is truly an amazing area.
The path here leads up towards the valley of River Budi Gandaki and passes through the wild and unexplored area inhabited mainly by the people of the Gurung ethnic groups. A good cup of the locally cultivated organic coffee and Tatopani hot springs will truly relax you during this exhausting hike. The upper Tsum valley, which is a part of the central Inner Himalaya, opens up from a place called Chhokangparo. That is where the hospitable locals of Tibetan group “Tsombo” welcome you with traditional buttered and salted Tibetan tea and local foods. The Valley of Tsum is exceptionally rich in cultural heritage. The valley is dotted with Gompas (Buddhist monasteries), Chortens and Mani walls. The longest Mani walls are over 250m in Dzong and Phurpe.
The valley people have conserved the steps of the great Buddhist Yogi ChyuchinMilarepa and story about Guru Padmasambhava circumambulation. The old people of this valley believe that they have seen or found the signs of Mehti, commonly referred to as the Yeti or ‘Abominable Snowman’. The people here never slaughter animals, even as sacrifice to the gods. The Tsum Valley is surrounded by the Buddha Himal and HimalChuli to the west, Ganesh Himal to the south, and SringiHimal to the North.