The Round Upper Mustang Trek (Jeep plus Trek – 11 DAYS)

Upper Mustang trek is suitable for any kind of trekker looking for something a little more challenging and energetic and everyone has dream to go. It does not require that you have any previous trekking or mountaineering experience. Although the terrain is not difficult, some vigorous hiking experience is useful. And it does not require any technical experience only that you are in good physical condition and be able to hike for 5-7 hours over hilly terrain with a light day pack. Sherpa and sufficient number of porters will carry all your trekking gear and necessary equipment.

Mustang is an ancient Himalayan Kingdom, the former Kingdom of Lo which lies in the north-east of Nepal and bordering with China. It is roughly 80 km long (north-south) and 45 km,it’s widest and is at an elevation of over 2,500m. Mustang is also known as a “Tibet outside the Tibetan border” and hence it fosters the original. Tibetan culture, although it is now politically part of Nepal. Upper Mustang consists of two distinct regions: the southern part and the northern where language, culture and traditions are alike to those of the Tibetan people. This area is considered as one of the most interesting and picturesque places in Nepal. Nepal is a land of Festivals. For the Nepalese, festivals are not merely the annual spectacles, but also are the living part of their rich cultural heritage. Most Nepalese festivals are related to different Hindu and Buddhist gods and goddesses and they are celebrated on such days consecrated for them by religion and tradition. Some of the festivals are of national significance while still others are celebrated only within one or two villages or cities.

The trek to Lo Manthang, a capital of Mustang will lead you through high altitude picturesque desert climbing in and out of the huge sided valley of the Kali Gandaki. In places the gorge which the Kali Gandaki River runs through is the deepest in the world. Lo Manthang itself is a walled city ruled by religious king. However, the monarchy ceased to exist as the Kingdom of Lo in Upper (northern) Mustang on October 7 2008. Untouched by modern civilization as everywhere in the Himalayas, this area provides spectacular mountain scenery highlighted by Dhaulagiri at 8,167 meters and Annapurna I at 8,091 meters. During the trek you will be surrounded by more than 35 mountains over 6,000 meters high. Elevation of trail rises from, 2815 meters to 4270 meters above the sea level. This region is full of some of Nepal’s oldest Buddhist Monasteries, ancient and isolated villages with narrow streets and white or colored houses. All of it and more you will see during the trek.