Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek – 26 Days

Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek is extremely adventurous trek in Nepal that circumnavigates Mt. Dhaulagiri via French Col and Dhampus Pass all the way to Jomsom.

Dhaulagiri is one of the most popular peaks for climbing in the Himalayas which is 8,000m high above the sea level. The seventh highest mountain in the world, Dhaulagiri lies north – west of Pokhara culminating to its highest point at the eastern end. Dhaulagiri is almost unique in the world in terms of its rise above local terrain where it rises to 7,000m over the Kali Gandaki gorge to the south east in about 30 km of aerial distance. In fact, Kali Gandaki is dramatic as two eight thou sanders; Annapurna I & Dhaulagiri both stand near the river facing each other over a deep valley.

Dhaulagiri was first discovered in 1808 and it was thought to be the highest mountain in the world for westerners. It was assumed the highest peak for 30 years before its place was taken by Kanchenjunga. Dhaulagiri literally means ‘White Mountain’ which justifies a magnificent peak rising as a giant shoulder of shining ice and snow.

Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek is an extremely challenging trek in Nepal, that winds across two passes of 5,000m plus. The trekking adventure which encounters exceedingly beautiful Hidden Valley allows the trekkers to literally touch the majestic mountain Dhaulagiri at Dhaulagiri Base Camp. Diverse culture treads through different types of forests to treeless zone and gets close to peaks like Dhaulagiri and Dhampus Peak, which are great highlights of Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek.